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Welcome - We are a bespoke cake studio based in central Sydney providing beautifully bespoke or pre-designed cakes. We've worked on events from Royal occasions to children's parties, corporate and initimate adult celebrations. Anything you need a cake for we can help with !


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Quality is a very important to us and under-pins everything that we do here at Tanner & Gates.

We go to great lengths to make sure that you receive the cake you were expecting and enjoy it in both look and taste. We know that you need it to be the centrepiece to your event and that it needs to wow !


With any good cake the overall final taste very much depends on the ingredients, and after a great deal of testing, we only use great cake recipes which are moist and flavoursome. Cakes with quality to stand up to the grandest event or make the simplest of occasions a little more special. Amongst our flavours our chocolate cake is rich and satisfying, our white chocolate cake light and creamy and our fruit cake just explodes with flavour. We supply satisfying cakes that provide a great taste experience as well as providing a great foundation to the finished cake look.

Using a great cake as a basis we fill and surround them with rich chocolate ganache or swiss buttercream (limited). We create three layers of cake (subject to design) and filling. We only use couverture chocolate in our ganache. Couverture chocolate is a high quality professional quality chocolate and should not be confused with confectionery chocolate; which often has lower levels of cocoa solids and are mixed with oils and sometimes artificial chocolate flavouring.


We try to be a real pleasure to deal with. There will be no attitude from us !
We aim to provide clear and concise documentation, provide you with reminders for payment and delivery/collection and most of all communicate as much as we need to to get your creation finalised.

We hope you never feel the need to complain. However should you need to then any complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours, and hopefully resolved during this initial contact.


We go to great lengths to get the look that you want and the basis of this is our detailed design agreement. In this we lay out all decisions made about your cake, colours of every element and the overall design to be recreated. We are more than happy to receive photographs, material swatches, your own candles etc., all your ideas to get the finished product that you are after.

The final look will also very much depend on the foundation that we create for your cake. We only use high quality cake boards and accessories which mean that your cake should look as good as when you receive it, as long as it is stored and handled properly.
All cakes are supplied with storage and cutting instructions to help you enjoy the cake as it should be experienced.
When you take delivery of your cake we will ask you to verify that it has been received in tip-top condition. We don’t just deliver and run !

Designer Labels

Where a message is needed we use personalised design labels for our cakes as standard. Some designs don't require them but where they are used we can tailor the font and the colours to fit the person, the cake or the occasion. We tend to use a elongated style as shown on most of our cakes but we can create gift labels and plaques if it suits the design or is requested.