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Welcome - We are a bespoke cake studio based in central Sydney providing beautifully bespoke or pre-designed cakes. We've worked on events from Royal occasions to children's parties, corporate and initimate adult celebrations. Anything you need a cake for we can help with !

Design Service

Some People have very set ideas about the cake that they would like. Others don't ! We are more than happy to help you come up with a design to fit your occasion. If you aren't able to find a design from our showcase on this website then we have access to thousands of other cake design ideas so with a little guidance from you (usually just a quick conversation or email is required) then we can put together some designs and costings for you.

Here are a few pointers for helping you decide on your event cake design:

Overall Design - Hopefully this site has given you a few ideas to add to your own. Don’t forget a great cake is often the centrepiece to an occasion especially if it has personal touches. Give those some thought or talk to us to help get some ideas. Pick one of our ideas and adapt it or tell us your own and we will turn it into a design for you.

Location - Give some thought to where the event is going to be held when choosing your cake. 6 tiers and a rocky boat don’t always mix too well for example ! Where will the cake be positioned ? Does it fit the overall look of the event ? Will it give the impact that you want it to ? What will lighting be like ?

Colours - Every element of the decoration can be adapted to fit your event. Do you have an overall colour theme in mind? Perhaps to match an outfit, the possibilities are endless.

Size - for cakes size does matter ! You obviously need to keep in mind how many people will want to have a piece of that cake and also how big a piece you are going to allow them to have. Size also has an influence on the impact that a cake is going to have at your event. Our minimum size for a single tiered cake is 6" although our most in demand size is 7". It is simply not possible to convert most of our designs to the smaller 6" cake and, although it often provides the number of portions that are required, we find that it doesn't create the impact that is expected. Please remember that size doesn't always equate to a big increase in cost - our main cost element is time.

We are always pleased to to offer no obligation quotations so just get in touch.

Please see our portion guide for more details on our standard sizing.