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Welcome - We are a bespoke cake studio based in central Sydney providing beautifully bespoke or pre-designed cakes. We've worked on events from Royal occasions to children's parties, corporate and initimate adult celebrations. Anything you need a cake for we can help with !

Collection & Delivery


Collection is available for all cake orders within our opening hours. Requests outside side of these hours will be considered but can't always be met unfortunately.

Collection is easy and we offer temporary parking - even bringing your cake to your car. Our hours for collections can be seen below or here

We contact you prior to your order being due to advise you of the best way to care for your cake in both transit and once it is safely home. Nothing complicated is needed to transport your own cake. If you would rather have your cake delivered we also offer this option as detailed below.

Please bear in mind that cakes can be collected or delivered a day or two prior to you needing to cut them. They are very much designed and made with that option in mind and no special care is needed other than a cool spot out of direct sunlight (not a fridge) for the cake to be perfect for serving.


A delivery option for our cakes is available (subject to availability) and it’s a top priority for us that any cake arrives in perfect shape. Fo that reason we use the best supports and boards within any cake and they all get sent on their way in protective boxes. Unlike regular parcels, cakes can’t sit in the back of a truck and go around the houses before they are delivered. For that reason we use a service that offers a point to point ‘ courier’ type service. This ensures your cake gets to you in perfect condition.

This service is priced based on distance and we are more than happy to provide you a quotation. Cakes purchased through our online store have the delivery costs calculated automatically during the purchasing process. Please call in advance if you would prefer.

There are various options available:

Standard delivery service: where the cake box is handed over to you or your venue to unpack yourself. This suits the vast majority of our customers.

Delivery & Set-up Service: where the cake is delivered and unpacked and put in place by one of our team. This is used for complex or very large cakes or perhaps at a wedding when there is no one available to put things in place. Availability for this service is lower than the standard service as you might expect.

Delivery windows
Our standard delivery window is 3.5 hours. You will asked whether you prefer morning or afternoon at time of booking and a specific window will be provided for you. We use an automated system where you are told (via sms) that your cake is on the way and have the option to talk to the driver at any time.

For cakes which are required in a narrower window of time or very early in the morning this more VIP option is available but usually results in a higher cost. This will very much depend on the location and timings required.

Please bear in mind that cakes can be collected or delivered the day prior to you needing to cut them. They are very much designed and made with that option in mind and no special care is need or a huge fridge ! Cakes just need to be kept in a cool room out of direct sunlight to be perfect for cutting.

Terms & Conditions for collection and delivery:

1) The time slots available for both collection and delivery are confirmed at time of booking. Whilst we aim to be as flexible as possible it is not always possible to accommodate changes to these bookings once are made, particularly at less than 48 hours notice.

2) If you fail to collect your cake in time or are not present when the delivery is due then we will do our best to contact you to make alternative arrangements. However the next opportunity for you to obtain your cake may not be on the date you require it. For deliveries the cake will be returned to us as a default and additional costs may arise. These costs will need to be paid before a cake is released. A failed collection incurs no extra costs (unless a delivery is then required) but the cake may not be available for collection again until our next working day. Again we will try and be as flexible as we can to help in situations that arise but options are often limited by other commitments.

3) Deliveries will wait 10 minutes at a property to make delivery. If it hasn’t been possible to complete the delivery in that time then please refer to point 2 above.

4) Whilst we will do our best to check with a venue prior to delivering it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that they can accept the delivery for when the booking has been made. Specific times or very narrow windows of delivery are not usually available unless confirmation of this has been given at the time of booking. If it is later discovered that the delivery type booked is not suitable then a balance fee may be required.

5) Every possible effort is made to get a cake where it should be at any time. We take account of poor traffic in Sydney when planning our routes and timings. We appreciate that cakes are the centrepiece of any event and if for any reason the cake is not going to arrive as planned you will receive a personal call from Tanner & Gates to explain the reason why and the options available.

However, as rare as they are, there are times when no will in the world will get a cake where it should be and in those circumstances Tanner & Gates accepts no financial responsibility for a cake arriving late for events outside of our control e.g. Harbour tunnel closed or accident etc. As mentioned above cakes can arrive the day prior to an event so we always offer this option to our customers.

We are able to offer delivery to the Sydney area only unfortunately and don’t offer an interstate option. We have had cakes travel to Perth and Victoria but customers have taken them themselves. Unfortunately commercial delivery companies don’t provide the care required over very long distances.
We offer both collection (free) and delivery (subject to additional cost) for all of our cake orders. The times available for both are as shown below and are subject to availability. We suggest that you book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


Office Hours & Collection Times*

Delivery Times


9am to 5.30pm

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9am to 5.30pm

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9am to 5.30pm

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* Consultations by appointment only.
** Deliveries can be made outside of these hours on request.
All deliveries are subject to availability.