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Star Wars Cakes

Star Wars Cakes & Cupcakes

With the Force Awakens and the Last Jedi making Star Wars popular with a whole new generation of fans below is a selection of our most popular Star Wars Cakes

The cupcakes are made entirely by hand, are fully edible, and have been created uniquely by Tanner & Gates.
Colours of fondant discs can be changed.

Mixed Cupcakes
Darth & Troopers Cupcakes
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Yoda Cupcakes
Darth & Stormtroopers Cakes
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Star Wars Mixed v2
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Star Wars DIY
Kylo Ren Cake
Wise Yoda Cake
Clone Wars Helmet Cake
Darth vs Chewy Cake
Yoda teaching Luke Cake
Fighting Yoda Cake
3D Vader Cake
3D Stormtrooper Cake (modern version)
Luke vs Darth Cake
Death Star Cake
Star Wars Wedding Cake
Star Wars Lego Cake
Darth vs Yoda Cake
Darth 2D Cake
Darth vs T-Rex Planet Cake
Darth vs Luke Cake
Darth vs Luke Cake
Stormtrooper Cake (new) 2D
Stormtrooper Cake (traditional) 2D
BB8 Star Wars Cake - 2D
BB8 Star Wars Cake - 3D
Star Wars Tai Fighter Cake
BB8 & Friends Cupcakes