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Welcome - We are a bespoke cake studio based in central Sydney providing beautifully bespoke or pre-designed cakes. We've worked on events from Royal occasions to children's parties, corporate and initimate adult celebrations. Anything you need a cake for we can help with !

Lego Cakes

Below is a selection of previous designs we have made. The majority are available in our online store and if not they can be made as part of a bespoke creation
Lego Brick Cake (7”)
Lego Brick Cake (8”)
Gold Ninjago Cake
Emmett Lego Movie Cake
Emmett & Lego Cake
Lego Crossword Cake
Ninjago Head Cake - Gold
Lego Brick Cake - Blue (7”)
Green Ninjago Cake

Lego Star Wars Cake
Ninjago Bonfire Cake
Ninjago Head (red) Cake
Ninjago Black Cake
Lego Star Wars Cake (simple border)
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Black Ninjago Cake
Lego Movie Cake
Lego Engagement Cake
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Green Ninjago Cake
Lego Anniversary Cake
Lego Movie Batman Cake
Lego Ninjago Cake Blue
Lego Movie Cake
Lego Captain America Cake
Lego Captain America Cake