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Welcome - We are a bespoke cake studio based in central Sydney providing beautifully bespoke or pre-designed cakes. We've worked on events from Royal occasions to children's parties, corporate and initimate adult celebrations. Anything you need a cake for we can help with !

Children's Ideas

Below is a selection of previous designs we have made. The majority are available in our online store and if not they can be made as part of a bespoke creation
Bam Bam 1st Birthday Cake
Belle - Beauty & the Beast
Elmo 1st Birthday Cake
Lizzard No.4 Cake
Man United Shirt Cake
Minnie Mouse Cake (white)
T-Rex vs Diplo Lego Cake
Farm Yard Cake
PJ Masks Cake
Sophia 1st Cake
Wonder Woman single Tier
Wiggles Cake
Batman 2D Face Cake (large)
Black Panther Cake
Finding Dory Cake
Super Mario Cake
Mickey 2D Cut-out
Mickey & Minnie Balloon Cake
Minecraft Cake
Monster Trucks Cake
Owlette Cake
3D Pumpkin Cake
Gekko Cake
Plane Cake
Snowboarder Cake
Rainbow Fairy Cake
Rainbow Pony Cake
Reptiles Birthday Cake
Nike Birthday Cake
Transformas 2D Cake
Tigger Cake
Taylor Swift Cake
Sunshine & Flowers Cake
Stormtrooper Modern (3D)
Angry Birds Cake
Baby Dinosaurs Cake
Superman vs Batman Lego Cake
Captain America Lego Cake
Spiderman Mask. Cake
Rabbit in Hat Magic Cake
Disney Cars Cake
Mickey Fun House Cake
Minion 2D Cake
Hulk - 2-Tier Cake
Peppa Pig 2D Cake
Ninjago Black Cake
Circus Cake - Girls
Mickey & Minnie 1st Birthday
Truck Cake 2-tier
Disney Cars 2-tier
Power Rangers 2-Tier
Ballet Shoes Cake
Dinosaur Cake
Scooby Doo Cake
Mario Bros. Cake
Fairy Garden Cake
TMNT 2D Cake
Paddle Board Cake
Ferrari F1 Cake
Witch Halloween Cake
Wet ’n’ Wild Cake
Fairy Castle Cake
Wallabies Rugby Ball Cake
Star Wars BB8 3D Cake
Star Wars BB8 2D Cake
Planes Birthday Cake
Pixel Movie Birthday Cake
Pirate Birthday Cake
Rowing Birthday Cake
Cinderella Birthday Cake
Pow / Boom Birthday Cake
Number 3 Cake
TV Cartoon Cake
Hello Kitty Birthday Cake
Yoda vs Darth Birthday Cake
Baby Spiderman Cake
Sheep 1st Birthday Cake
Wise Yoda - Star Wars Cake
Star Wars Lego Cake
Clone Wars Helmet Cake
Superman Letter Cake
Superman Logo Cake
Stormtrooper Helmet (new) Cake
T-Rex Head Cake
Tank Birthday Cake
2-tier Superhero Cake
Teddy Postman Cake
Teddy Tea Party 1st Birthday
Cap Birthday Cake
Transformers Cake
Thomas Tank Engine Cake
3D Thomas Cake
Emmett Lego Movie Cake
Ninjago - Black
Yoda & R2D2 Cake
Peppa Pig & Family Car Cake
Tardis - Dr Who Cake
Princess Castle Cake
Teaching Luke Cake
Winnie the Pooh 1st Birthday
Wiggles Birthday Cake
Whale 1st Birthday Cake
Whale 1st Birthday Cake (dark)
Unicorn Head Cake
Unicorn Head Cake
3D Rainbow Unicorn Cake
Treasure Map Cake
2D Mickey Cake (Shaped)
Pony Cake
Frozen (Magic) Cake
Minnie Mouse 2D Cut-out cake
Luke vs Vader - Star Wars cake
Lion Witch & Wardrobe Cake
Sesame Street Babies Cake
Lego Birthday Cake
Hawaiian Hula Girl Cake
Ninjago (Green) Birthday Cake
Ninjago (Gold) Birthday Cake
Princess Cupcake Topper Cake
Ana & Elsa Snowball Fight Cake
Elephant 1st Birthday Cake
Baby’s First Flight Cake
Poro & Friends Birthday Cake
Batman & Captain America Cake
Simple Batman Logo Cake
Batman Logo Cake
Batman Face Cake
Batman vs Joker Cake
Peppa Pig & Ben 10 Cake
Angry Birds Cake
Apple Logo Cake
Stripes Birthday Cake
1st Birthday Flag Cake
Roo & Bear 1st Birthday Cake
Baby Shower Bow Cake
Elephant Stripes Baby Shower
Sporting Colours Birthday Cake
Elephant Stripes Baby Shower 2
Batman Car Cake
Baby Toes Baby Shower Cake
Dr Seuss No.1 Cake
Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Cake
Captain America Shield Cake
Circus Cake (single tier)
Circus Cake (2 Tier)
Cinderella Cake (Blue)
Princess Crown Cake
Cricket Lover Cake
Baby Cookie Monster Cake
Darth vs T-Rex cake
Darth Vader 3D Helmet Cake
2D Darth Vader Cake
Disco Ball Cake
Baby Dinosaur Cake
Death Star Cake
Fairy Castle Cake
Dora the Explorer Cake
DJ Turntable Cake
Olaf & Sven Cake
Flash Logo Superhero Cake
Fire Truck Cake
Girl Pirate Birthday Cake
Frozen Tiara Cake
Snow Fun - Frozen Cake
Frozen Castle Cake
Frozen Doll Cake (with Olaf)
Frozen Doll Cake 2
Pony Silhouette Cake
Hello Kitty (Stripes) Cake
Hello Kitty Cake
Lady Bird Cake
Kylo Ren - Star Wars Cake
Wiggles Cake
Ninjago Head cake (Gold)
Lego Birthday Cake
Lego Birthday Cake
Ladybugs Cake
Jungle Animals Cake
Indian Dancer Cake
Monkey 1st Birthday cake
Baby Booties Cake
Minnie Mouse (square) Cake
Ninjago Fireplace Cake
Ninjago Head (Red) Cake
Mouseical Cake
Olaf 3D Cake
Octonaughts Cake
Cake Name
Paw Patrol Cake
Owl 1st Birthday Cake
Olaf on the Beach Cake
Peppa Pig Travels Cake
Peppa Pig and Friends Cake
Peppa Pig & George Cake
Pirate Birthday Cake
Yoda vs Darth (Pink Edition)
Piano & Ballet Cake
2-tiered Princess Cake
Quilted Tiara Madhatter Cake
Single Tiered Princess Cake (2)
Rocket Cake
Fairy Princess Cake
Quad Bike Cake
Minecraft Sword Cake
Jordans Shoe Box Cake
Olaf & Sven - Frozen Cake
Present Box Cake
Pony Cut-out Cake
Lego Ambulance Cake
Superhero Cupcakes
Star Wars Cupcakes
Rugby Player Cake
Slam Ball Cake
Toy Story Cake
3D Turtle Cake
Fairy 2-tier Cake
Darth Vader vs Chewbacca Cake
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Taylor Swift Microphone Cake
3D Plane Cake
Captain America Shield Cake
Stacks Image 399694
Dart Board Cake
Lego Movie Cake
Green Ninjago Cake
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Black Ninjago Cake
Unicorn Cake